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7 Years Warranty on Mitsubishi Electric

Our ongoing efforts of becoming a trusted leader in the air conditioning and ventilation systems for residential and commercial buildings are being matched with partnerships with which we share the same values, philosophy and commitments towards a greener environment, healthier breathing air. All these, while providing innovative products, high performing and competitive systems with low CO2 emissions and operating costs. Two of such partnerships we have with, are Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin.

Mitsubishi Electric

Established on 15 January 1921, in Tokyo Japan, Mitsubishi Electric has become a leader in the HVAC industry by lowering the impact on the ecological system using innovative technology and providing innovative products. Other ways through which Mitsubishi has distinguished itself from the rest of the competition, are the partnerships it has and continues to create all around the world, continued education of the next generation about the importance of energy conservation, and renewable technology through The Learning Curve – an educational programme.

It is with pleasure to announce that Aircon 4 You, has secured its badge as a Business Solutions Partner. What this means, we have gone through extensive training and examination about all air conditioning products and ventilation systems. This also means, when you choose us, you choose a trusted and reliable company with experience and knowledge to deal with any air conditioning issues or ventilation system problems. The best of all is, the warranty for all air conditioning units installed by Aircon 4 You is seven-years.


Established almost a hundred a years ago on 24 October 1924 in Osaka, Japan, Daikin is a multinational air conditioning manufacturing company, based in Osaka Japan with operations all over the world. Daikin is a co-developer of the R-410A refrigerant with Carrier. Daikin’s mission is to develop and provide high-quality products that meet and exceed the current legislation. Daikin’s brand is to shape the future with cost-effective solutions, building and delivering quality products now while leading the way in developing new energy-efficient technologies. All this being done, by being environmentally responsible through employing green practices and sustainable solutions to minimize the impact on the ecological system.