Aircon repair service works

At Aircon 4 you, we believe in the repair service approach. While sometimes, it may seem easier to replace, it has proven time and time again that repairing the air conditioning units and any ventilation systems are not only cost-effective but are also environmentally friendly by not having to dispose of the older units before their time is up.

Our teams are comprised of highly skilled technicians, that are specialised in all kinds of air conditioning repair services in London and surrounding counties. We have a wide range of industry experts to cover any repair requirements. This includes air conditioning and ventilation technicians, controls and electrical technicians, essential services experts. Our team of skilled technicians can and will solve any domestic or commercial air conditioning and ventilation problems that are put before them.​ 

When air conditioning repair services are needed:

  1. Aircon is leaking water. Usually is caused by condensation not draining from the drip tray due to a bad pump or a clogged condensate drain pipe.
  2. Air conditioning not cooling. Lack of regular aircon servicing could bring the unit to a halt. One possible cause that could lead to the aircon not cooling is the system being low on refrigerant. The air conditioning system has to be tested for any possible leaks, fix any broken pipes, re-test the pipework, remove any moisture from within the pipes before recharging the system and lastly regas the aircon system. Removing and recharging the air conditioning with gas has to be done by a certified installer.
  3. Air conditioning has no power. If the air conditioning appears to be not working when called for it to start, the first thing to be checked is the fuse breaker to ensure that it is indeed “ON”. Secondly, visually check for any wiring damages. If both seem to be in order, then calling an air conditioner engineer is the next step, as now more investigation is needed in diagnosing the potential problem.
  4. Aircon is noisy. The AC fan motor may require a replacement.
  5. Aircon smells musty. When the air conditioning is on, it is recirculating the air within the room, meaning it is taking the hot air out and pushing cold air in. In the process of removing the hot air from the room, it also removes moisture that is used to cool down the system. The moisture from the atmosphere builds up on the air conditioner cooling coil over time in the form of bacteria. If not removed on regularly scheduled services the bacteria will continue to grow, causing the musty smell to be sent back throughout the room. The removal of the bacteria is being done by an air conditioner engineer using special chemicals.
  6. Air conditioning gas leak. The air conditioning units come pre-filled with air conditioning refrigerant gas for a certain length of pipe. Should the length of the piping increase, an additional refrigerant gas will be required. Should there be any issues with the cooling coils that would cause the gas to leak out of the system, an aircon leak test should be done. Any issues found should be corrected prior to air con recharge.

Questions and answers

Q: How often should I clean my AC?

A: Typically once per year should be enough. But if you live in a windy and dirty environment like an industrial area or if you are a heavy user of the AC, then the cleaning should be done more often.

Q: How do I know if my air conditioner coils are dirty?

A: First, if you notice that the air conditioner is working but not cooling, a visual inspection will most likely give you an indication whether you have a dirty coil.

Q: What happens if the air conditioner coil is dirty?

A: The first thing that you will notice is the lack of cooling. If the air conditioner cooling coil also called evaporator coil and condenser coil are dirty, the cooling of the indoor air will no longer take place, which will cause the air conditioner to send warm air back in. Furthermore, if steps to remediate the issue are not taken, then more problems will follow, such as high energy consumption which will translate into a higher electric bill, frozen cooling coils, air conditioner compressor overheat and ultimately air conditioner failure.

For Businesses

With our first-class response time, we understand that a breakdown can create a major disruption to your business, which is why our fast and efficient service is fundamental to our business culture, and this instils confidence in our existing clients.

We are providing a standard 3 hour response time to call-outs for all our existing customers.