Aircon 4 You and COVID-19

We live in unprecedented times, where COVID-19, raised the awareness in each one of us at levels never seen before in modern times. Because of these times, the demand for COVID-19 free work and living environment from the general public and commercial businesses has increased.  Aircon 4 You is committed to keeping up and responding in a timely manner to all requests all the while offering a 2 steps approach in combating the virus:

  1. Sanitising the air using the air conditioning units;
  2. Sanitising all surfaces using products that are hospital grade and proven to keep the virus away. 

The process and how it works:

  • First, install an antiviral air conditioning block within the air conditioning unit. This will be done by our qualified team that will be dispatched to your location.
  • Surface sanitisation – Our team will treat all high contact areas, using hospital-grade products. The protection of the treated surfaces may last up to 7 days and it will kill any new virus or bacteria that comes in contact with the treated surfaces.

How much is going to cost

The price to start from £499. 

How to book an appointment

We will contact you as soon as you have filled in the form in the “Contact us” section. During the initial call, we will gather all the necessary information, provide you with a quote and book an appointment.