London Air conditioning  installation company

Aircon 4 You has successfully completed numerous new air conditioning units and ventilation systems installations on a wide range of commercial and domestic buildings all across London. We are working closely with design consultants and architects to achieve the desired outcomes every time. We are experienced, and we are aiming to complete all domestic air conditioning and commercial air conditioning projects on time and on the allocated budget. For homes and the most part, all residential and commercial properties, the ideal air conditioning systems to be installed are:

  • Wall-mounted  air conditioning units;
  • Concealed ducted air conditioner units;
  • Floor standing or low wall-mounted air conditioner;
  • Ceiling mounted air conditioning units.

Aircon 4 You provides air conditioning installation for:

  1. Residential properties. When selecting a home air conditioning unit, there are a few factors that should be taken into accounts, such as the number of rooms, size of the rooms, the layout of the rooms or esthetic of the rooms. These factors can determine the type of air conditioning unit that is desired to be installed in each individual room to achieve the desired comfort while limiting the expense. Types of rooms where air conditioning units can be installed:
    • Bedroom. It goes without saying that the bedroom is the second place after work, where we spend the most time, and that is when we sleep. For that reason, we want to have the optimal condition for a good night rest. We have a variety of air conditioning units for bedroom use that will achieve the desired temperature without neglecting the aesthetic of the room.
    • Lounge/Living-room. The living-room/lounge is the centrepiece of the house. This is where the family and friends gatherings are happening, and the best climate is a must for having the best time.
    • Conservatory. This is a common room all across the UK, given the construction of it. Having been built with glass all around, it lacks cooling during the hot days in the summer and heating during the cold days in the winter. Having said that, to achieve a pleasant ambient in the conservatory an air conditioning unit may be installed This will require an adequate calculation to be done to ensure that enough cooling and heating power is provided to achieve the right temperature.
    • Loft conversions. This space is a conversion from attic space into a bedroom. As a rule of thumb, when such conversion occurs, to insulate all the exterior wall to limit the loss of heat or cooled air. Having the exterior walls insulated will increase the efficiency of the loft air conditioning and decrease the cost of running such units.

    The following are the types of air conditioning units that are widely used in residential properties and that our air conditioning installers:

    • Wall-mounted air conditioner units. These are the most common AC units. A few advantages of using the wall mount ac units: they’re cheaper, easy to install as there is no need for any renovations, they’re quiet and powerful enough to cool off one room. A somewhat disadvantageous type of unit would be aesthetically speaking since it would have to be installed at the top of the wall. But with quite a few models of air conditioning that Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin are offering it can make the room look pleasantly looking.
    • Floor standing air conditioner unit. These types of air conditioners are the second-best units. They are very similar to the wall-mounted air conditioner units but better at hiding them as they are mounted at the floor level to hide them from eyesight. These are a little bit pricier than the previous ones but are being preferred especially for the bedroom converted lofts, as they can be fitted neatly against the short height of the sloped ceiling. The low wall mounted air conditioning units are very efficient as the inverter technology will provide years of use with minimal services. Regular maintenance is a must to avoid any major repairs and or replacement.
    • Ducted air conditioner units. These are the most expensive units, as they are definitely aesthetically pleasing since the ducts are hidden either in the ceiling or behind the walls. While the air duct for air conditioning is best suited to be done when a property is in a construction phase, the work can also be carried out when major renovations are being planned out.
  2. Commercial properties. It comes as no surprise that climate change is playing a big role in how we live and work today. The hot days became longer and hotter, and cold days became colder. To cope with the temperature changes, the businesses have to adapt just the same as residential to increase sales and productivity. Here are a few types of commercial spaces where air conditioning units installation can be done by our Aircon 4 You certified installers:
    • Office air conditioning unit installation;
    • Shops and retail stores air conditioning installation;
    • IT server room air conditioning installation;
    • Hospitals, care homes and other healthcare facilities air conditioning installation;
    • Restaurant air conditioning installation;
    • School, college, university air conditioning installation;
    • Air conditioning installation in hotels.
    Types of air conditioning units to be installed in commercial buildings:
    • Wall mount air conditioning units;
    • Ceiling mounted air conditioning units;
    • Ducted air conditioners units;
    • Floor standing air conditioning units.

Questions and answers

Q: What is a heat and air conditioner unit?

A: A heat air conditioner is a system that is used to cool down space during the hot summer days and warm up during the cold days.

Q: Can I buy and install my own AC unit?

A: This may be a grey area—one thing to keep in mind. First, to replace an existing air conditioning unit, the gas unit needs to be removed. This process can only be done by an f-gas qualified AC engineer due to F-Gas regulations.  When and if you decide to do it on your own, you are running the risk of voiding the warranty on the AC unit if the installation is not done correctly and damage has been done to it. To ensure that you are enjoying the full length of the manufacturer warranty and proper installation, it is best to have an experienced AC company deal with the entire project.  They can best advise what type of air conditioning unit is best suited to install while keeping in mind efficiency and low cost of running such AC units. Another reason to use an AC company, the price of the overall project can be lower when you get the air conditioner with installation as a package deal. Some of the AC companies can get these units for less than you probably could with a longer warranty time. Aircon 4 You is a trusted air conditioning company in London, UK and surroundings, and when you use our services among other perks, you will enjoy a seven years warranty for all AC units when installed from Mitsubishi Electric or Daikin. Aircon 4 You, is a Business Solution Partner with Mitsubishi Electric.

Q:  How much does air conditioning installation cost for domestic?

A: The air conditioning install cost varies. There are many factors that can influence the cost of the installation. For example, is it going to be 1, 2,3 or more rooms? One or more AC units? Depending on the AC unit, whether it is a wall-mounted air conditioner, floor standing or ceiling mounted air conditioner? As mentioned earlier, there are several factors that can impact the overall cost. For an accurate price, please call us today on  020 8904 9040.

Q: How can I reduce my home electric bill when using the AC?

A: There are several ways of keeping the electric bill low when running the air conditioning in your home: having an energy-efficient air conditioner unit installed would be the first step in this direction. Another way would be to limit the amount of time the AC runs to only when someone is home. You can also consider raising the temperature overnight to limit the running time when everyone is asleep. Finally, to go high-tech, you can have a wifi-enabled controller via an app installed. This type of controller can be programmed for each day of the week and can be controlled using a phone. Standard controllers can be wired or wireless. Newer AC units come already WIFI enabled.

Q: Why are the AC units expensive?

A: The short answer is because they are environmentally friendly. The longer version is that a lot of research is being put into this industry to make the AC units ecologically friendly. What this means, the air conditioners are more efficient and use less energy. Even though the upfront cost may be a little high, in the beginning, this cost will be amortised through the savings and even through possible government grants for having such AC units installed, all the while enjoying the ambient at home.

Q: What are the air conditioning installation prices?

A: There is a multitude of air conditioning types for a wide range of uses. The best way and to better and accurately price out an air conditioning install, is to give us a call.

Q: Which air conditioner unit is the best?

A: In our years of experience and having tried multiple brands, we came to the conclusion that  Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units UK and Daikin air conditioning units the UK are the best on the market. For the following few factors: best customer service before and especially after-sale, they stand behind their products with a seven years warranty when installed by Mitsubishi  Business Solution Partner(BSP) like Aircon 4 You.

Q: What air conditioning brands is Aircon 4 You using?

A: All of the air conditioning units are from Daikin and Mitsubishi.