28 points performance and efficiency inspection

23 points aircon performance testing and inspection

  1. Check system for the proper refrigerant charge;
  2. Check compressor and fan amps;
  3. Check and clean condenser coil;
  4. Clean vegetation around  the outdoor unit;
  5. Check crankcase heather;
  6. Check capacitors;
  7. Check contactor points;
  8. Check and clean condenser fan;
  9. Check reversing valve operation;
  10. Check for excessive vibration;
  11. Check condenser level;
  12. Check safety controls where applicable;
  13. Check all caps and valves for seals and/or proper snug fit;
  14. Check blower amps;
  15. Check heat strip amps, circuit components and safeties;
  16. Check all electrical connections and wires;
  17. Change/wash filter;
  18. Check temperature splits;
  19. Lubricate all moving parts where applicable;
  20. Flush and vacuum drain line and evaluate drainage;
  21. Clean equipment exterior;
  22. Clean dust return air grills;
  23. Check final performance.

Ventilation system  5 points inspection during maintenance servicing:

  1. Check for dirty air filter;
  2. Check and clean the heat-exchanger surfaces to improve its efficiency;
  3. Check, clean/unblock condensate drain pipe that could cause bacteria to build up and bad smell;
  4. Check and replace if needed damper seals;
  5. Check and repair if needed, seized damper actuators.

Air conditioning proactive maintenance and ventilation systems servicing is our business, whether in London or surrounding counties. Servicing regularly all air conditioning and ventilation systems will, in the long run, prolong the life span of all the systems. It will also make it easier to budget for a regular service instead of having to possibly face hefty unbudgeted bills for repairs or replacing parts or all of the systems altogether, depending on the situation. Did you know that more often than not, lots of failing parts are being discovered and taken care of during routine maintenance schedule? In doing so, more damage to the systems is avoided and with it, unwanted expenses.  We service our clients all across London and the surrounding counties to ensure that our maintenance schedule will exceed their expectations and at the same time offering peace of mind that the heating air conditioning units in place are running and maintained at the manufacturer recommendations. Specialising in commercial high–rise buildings, shopping centres, hotels and other commercial facilities, we lead the way in providing air conditioning and mechanical ventilation maintenance services.

Aircon 4 You Ltd Maintenance Program offers:

  • Team of technicians that are qualified and experienced to provide a high level of service;
  • All service work supported with a 24/7 on-call service;
  • Response to breakdowns is a priority for all of our existing customers;
  • We cover London and the surrounding counties.