Renewable heat energy

In the face of increased natural disasters throughout the world, including the UK, no less, the call for action can no longer be delayed, and it must start at once. A new report from the Committee on Climate Change(CCC) finds that eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from all buildings in the UK is a must to keep all targets on climate change alive. Also, the report finds that the emission reduction from almost 30 million homes in the UK has stalled, while the energy use has gone up between 2016-2017, which represents less than 15% of the UK total emissions. Therefore, the Committee on Climate Change has demanded that from 2025 onward, no newly built homes be connected to the gas grid. Come 2030, the manufacturing of gas boilers will come to an end, and from that point on, all homes and buildings across the UK will be required to be equipped with low carbon emission heat pumps due to lack of parts and or systems to replace the faulty ones.

The time to switch is now

The government, poised to become a world leader in combating climate change by reducing its greenhouse emissions to the lowest possible, is offering grants and incentives to motivate homeowners into transitioning to renewable heat. An MCS certified installer can access these grant schemes.
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I am ready to switch, which brand is better?

In our years of experience, we found that Daikin and Mitsubishi are the leading brands in the industry while offering the best customer experience.


Wondering how a heat pump works?

Watch a short animated video about how a heat pump works.

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  • Low running cost; 
  • Eligibility for seven years of payments from RHI( Renewable Heat Incentive) due to Ecodan being recognised by the government as a renewable energy source- it extracts the heat from the air;
  • An additional £1600 payment over the seven years RHI period, when adding a Metering Monitoring Service Package(MMSP).

More reasons to choose Mitsubishi

  • Energy-efficient;
  • Low level of noise;
  • Future proof heating solutions.

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